WHAT IS PIYATA ?It is a cactus fruit known as Dragon Fruit, Pitaya, Strawberry Pear, and Dragon Fruit in various countries.

The fatherland of the dragon fruit (pitaya) is  Mexico, Central, and South America but also it is grown in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand Bangladesh, Israel, Philippines, Northern Australia, Indonesia, Southern China, Taiwan, India, and the southern parts of Turkey (such as Mersin-Anamur)

Commercial genera are Hylocereus and Selenicereus. Three common species of these are Hylocereus Undatus (Red), Hylocereus Polyhizus (White), and Selenicereus Megalantus (Yellow).

The outer skin of pitaya fruits is red and yellow; The inside color of the fruit is red, white and pink, which is a hybrid type.

Pitayas are a night blooming cactus. Its fragrant flowers, which open at dusk and stay open only for one night, are pollinated by bats and moths. As in our greenhouse, some species are self-pollinating.

Don't you think these are enough reasons to start breeding Pitayas?


In addition to its familiar and pleasant taste, Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) contains high levels of FIBER, MINERAL, VITAMINS (C and B vitamins) and cancer-fighting ANTIOXIDANT.


You know that many people grow cacti in their homes or gardens because of the beauty of its appearance. Pitaya, a cactus species, can also be grown in pots and gardens for decorative purposes, as a rare species with its wonderful flowers and elegant fruits.


Among the many different species in your garden, Pitaya will easily reveal its difference with its branches, flowers and fruits that develop in different ways and will be able to talk about itself a lot.


The plant is extremely easy to grow and propagate and does not require much maintenance and irrigation in the process.



Pitaya product is flamboyant and large, because it is not very common, it is sold with grains and has a very long shelf life. Due to the absence of pests and diseases are few, the plant can recover easily, can withstand thirst and its productivity is quite high due to reasons such as it likes hot weather. 20-30 tons of product can be obtained from this product in 1 acre and for all these reasons pitaya is commercially extremely strong and producer friendly.

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1) Pitaya has a very low cholesterol level, thus causing the body to break down the fruit very quickly, keeping you happy and healthy. It helps you meet your sweet cravings and maintain your weight.

2) Pitaya is beneficial for your heart. Heart diseases are unfortunately the most important problem for many of us today. Pitaya fruit has an amazing superpower to lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol. Pitaya is an extremely high source of saturated fat and helps keep your heart in good shape.

3) It is a real fiber store If you want to clean your digestive system, it is recommended for you to eat pitaya fruit. Due to the high fiber level it contains, it facilitates and regulates digestion. Eating high-protein fruit and its seeds allows your body to become stronger and stay at an adequate level.

4) Pitaya contains active antioxidants. Your body needs antioxidant  containing foods to avoid/protect from cancer-producing entities. Pitaya is a real antioxidant store.

5) It is a very important nutrient in the fight against diabetes. Thanks to the high fiber level, it contains, Pitaya regulates the level of diabetes by controlling the amount of blood sugar and prevents sugar attacks. Of course, as always, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before making changes to your diet.

6) Pitaya delays the signs of aging. Eating the antioxidant-rich Pitaya fruit keeps your skin tight and youthful. You can even make a natural face mask with pitaya fruit mixed with honey.

7) Pitaya improves the health of dyed hair. Pitaya fruit juice is a very good source for nourishing colored hair. The massage (friction) that you will apply to your hair and scalp with Pitaya water will allow your hair cells to be nourished and remain open, and will allow your hair, which has lost its vitality with hair chemicals or dyes, to revive.

8) Pitaya prevents calcification. Calcification directly affects the joints, causing burning and immobility. You can protect yourself from such diseases by making pitaya a part of your daily diet. Pitaya is known in many places as the “inflammatory fruit” due to its success against calcification.

9) Pitaya provides protection from acne. Not only in adolescence, but always, you can apply the paste that you will create by crushing the pitaya fruit to the pimpled areas twice a day and clean it with water after staying for a while. Pitaya is a source of vitamin C.

10) Pitaya helps to refresh and treat burned skin. The paste (cream) you will create by mixing the pitaya fruit with cucumber juice and honey will play a very important role in the relief and treatment of the burned skin like aloe. You will be amazed at the benefits of the fruit.

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