Modern Greenhouse Systems


Soil and Soilless Modern Vegetables, Banana, Strawberry, Lemon, Flower, and Water Culture Hydroponic Greenhouses.

Greenhouse Construction is the main skeleton structure that carries and protects the greenhouse automation control systems, which is extremely important in plant cultivation and it is the most important part of modern greenhouse technology.

A greenhouse skeletal structure that cannot carry the climate, plant, and accessory loads in its geography and does not have sufficient coating thickness against corrosion will be nondurable and may destroy the entire investment in an instant moment.

The best products are always used in the production of Greenhouse Steel Structures of Sera Mechatronics. Greenhouse Steel Structures of Sera Mekatronik, from the self-weight of the building, plant load, accessories and installation loads, the regional specifications, and statistical climate data where the application will be made; by taking the Ground Snow Load and Wind Load, the most critical combinations are checked in the Steel Structure Programs according to EN 13031-1 European Greenhouse standards, and the appropriate sections and fasteners are determined.

In Greenhouse Construction Applications, zinc-coated steel is used in S235JR and S275JR Quality, EN ISO 1461 and DX51-Z275 standards. As standard, greenhouses are produced in tunnel openings of 9,60m-11,20m-11,50m-12,80m-8m, as well as greenhouses in special widths and desired heights are produced according to demand. Moreover, in our greenhouse projects, your indoor control center needs such as warehouse and boiler room, irrigation, and automation center are met with our modular type light steel warehouse or heavy steel construction manufacturing in wide spans.

Production Accessories and Spare Parts

For both our turnkey greenhouse projects and existing greenhouses;

– Hanging and stand bed system accessories
– Heating Spot foot, console, pipe hanger rings
– Seedling tables
– Plant hanger wire (18 and 22 cm standard and free fall)
– Plant Clip
– Thermal Curtain System Accessories
– Construction spare parts
In addition, we supply from our partners;
– Harvest and cultural processing tools
– PE Greenhouse Cover and fastening clip
– Production Environment (cocopeat, Rock wool)
You can request these products from us.

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