Greenhouse Equipments


Sera Mekatronik has adopted the duty and responsibility of delivering the developing products and services to the final consumers by following all the innovations and technologies in the field of modern agriculture



Cocopeat is inexpensive compared to other growing media. It is sterile, and does not carry foreign seeds and diseases. It is desalinated by the bufferin process. Calcium and magnesium have been added. Its EC value is 250 µS/cm. It has high air conductivity. Rooting is fast and healthy. It does not become clod and there is no compression on the roots. It holds water and nutrients 9 times of  its dry weight and gives the plant what it needs very quickly and regularly. It retains water for a long time. It has excellent drainage. Its natural pH is 5.5-6.4 and it is suitable for plants.

Coco Plus cocopeat have advanced features such as high physical stability, excellent water holding capacity, and year-round use. It is also environmentally friendly as it is produced from natural materials. It can be shipped worldwide in compressed form.


Rock wool is a lightweight hydroponic substrate, is made by spinning molten basaltic rock into fine fibers that are then formed into a series of cubes, blocks, growing slabs and granular products.
Because rock wool and other stone or mineral wool used in gardening is derived from rock, it is considered by many to be a natural product. Rock wool is a commonly used substrate in commercial horticulture for the production of various crops such as tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries and cut flowers; however, it can also be easily used by smaller hydroponic growers who want to take advantage of advanced root zone technology.


The energy costs spent for heating in greenhouses constitute a large part of the total cost. For this purpose, in order to reduce the amount of energy used in greenhouses, heat curtains and curtain mechanisms have gained great importance in recent years. Heat curtains are used in greenhouses for both energy-saving and shading purposes. Controlling the indoor climate of the greenhouse increases product quality and yield, while reducing energy consumption.

The curtain systems designed by Sera Marketim provide a minimum level of shading on the plant when closed. With the designed push-pull mechanism system, the heat curtains show a perfect performance. The push-pull curtain mechanism system works thanks to a system in which aluminum and galvanized box profiles are used, and a gear-driven moving mechanism.


The shading system can work in greenhouses with a tunnel opening of 9.6 meters. It provides automatic opening and closing of the greenhouse shade curtain. It saves labor. It is a sustainable solution instead of one-year solutions. Increases the yield per unit area.


Gutter hanging systems are one of the main parts of soilless agricultural greenhouses, which are increasing day by day. Hanging systems are the systems used to be placed on plant growing environments. The use of suspended gutter systems has many advantages over hydroponic culture growing systems. In this system, drainage water and fertilizers are stocked and reused. The same amount of water application is provided for each plant. The transmission and spread of disease and damage is minimized. Since the height of the gutter system is adjusted in the best way, the labor gain is at the highest level for the workers working in the greenhouse.


Some plants grown in greenhouses need to be supported as they grow from the ground up. In some greenhouses, this method is provided by poles or reeds, while in modern greenhouse applications, the desired support for plants is provided by a wire. Calculations are made on the basis of homogeneous load distribution during the Greenhouse Project Design phase. In our greenhouse projects, 4mm thick plant hanging wire or rope and 8mm or 10mm rope are used depending on the project.


Plus Screen heat screen allows to control the indoor climate and reduces energy consumption while increasing product quality and product yield. Especially in summer, the indoor heat temperature rises to high levels. For this reason, the curtain system is automatically activated through sensors and provides a shading system. In winter, it turns off automatically to prevent heat loss. The reason why we prefer the "push-pull" horizontal curtain system as a system is that it works more healthily and in a possible case, it is faster and easier to intervene and repair.


Weeds emerging from the greenhouse floor negatively affect production and also cause an increase in diseases and pests in the greenhouse. The use of ground cover prevents weed growth on the greenhouse floor. It also prevents sludge on the cover surface as it passes water from top to bottom layer but not from bottom layer to top. In addition, it helps to conserve soil heat. It helps to make easier the replacement of pots because of there are lines on it with 20 cm intervals. Ground covers are black and white. Long-lasting UV additive. In addition, one of the most important features of ground covers increases plant productivity by providing light reflection in the greenhouse.


Insect Nets are mounted on greenhouse ventilation windows and prevent harmful flies and pests from entering the greenhouse from outside.  It also prevents the beneficial bees working in the greenhouse from leaving the greenhouse. It is produced in 40 mesh and 50 mesh sizes. They are UV additive and long lasting. They are white in color. During the opening and closing of the fly nets, they get stuck between the gears of the opening system and break up over time. In order to prevent this, tensioning apparatus should be used to keep the fly nets taut in the greenhouse system to be installed and to prevent them from getting stuck in the gear. For this reason, fly nets maintain their durability for a longer period of time.


If the plant environment is too humid, stomata close, water loss stops, but rapid and unhealthy growth occurs because there is no transpiration in the plant.

The humidity of the air in the greenhouse varies depending on the type of plant grown, the indoor temperature of the greenhouse, the lighting intensity and the ventilation situation. Therefore, by keeping the humidity in greenhouses under control, an ideal environment can be created for evaporation transpiration and photosynthesis, which are very important for plant growth. With the right humidification systems in greenhouses, better quality plants and products and less disease and pest problems occur.



In order to provide the necessary air circulation and air conditioning in the greenhouses, circulation fans are placed in the greenhouse at certain intervals. The circulation fans to be placed in the greenhouse and their capacities are determined according to the capacity of the greenhouse and the type of product to be grown in the greenhouse. Sera Marketim circulation fans are low-noise and noise-free fans that also provide low energy consumption in the greenhouse.


Exhaust fans are used to expel the hot air inside the greenhouse and to cool the greenhouse climate. Sera Marketim exhaust fans are designed and applied in different sizes and flow rates according to the greenhouse interior volume.


In the new generation soil and soilless agricultural systems, the amount of water to be used in irrigation and fogging processes, the irrigation time as well as the quality of the irrigation water are important. Agricultural greenhouses need water with low conductivity close to rainwater values ​​to irrigate the plants and humidify the greenhouse air. No matter how good the seeds and other materials used are, no matter how effectively modern irrigation methods are used, if appropriate quality water is not used in irrigation, the amount and quality of the product will decrease. Our engineers determine the most appropriate water standards for the products you will grow in greenhouse systems where water quality is so important within Sera Marketim.


Steel water tanks can be used to store clean water, collect drainage water, collect rainwater. The water to be applied to the plants in your greenhouses is stored in steel water tanks. It is designed in different sizes and diameters according to your needs.