Adana Banana Greenhouse15.39 Decares

15.39 Decare Banana Greenhouse

Height under gutter: 6 m
External columns: 80x80x2,5 mm 3 m apart
Inner columns: 80x80x2.0 mm 3 m apart
Anchors: 70x70x2,5 mm
Tunnel width: 8 m
Number of tunnels: 10
Tunnel length: 312 m
Greenhouse roofing: 60 months with THT-UV, EVA, IR(LD) additives
Greenhouse inner coating: 24 months UV, EVA added.
Greenhouse side cladding: 8 mm 1 room 2 walls UV – IR – EVA added polycarbonate
Irrigation fertilization automation and climate control automation: Munters brand
Number of seedlings planted: 2,771 (15,390 M2)