Muğla Fethiye Karaçulha, Soilless Multi-storey Strawberry Greenhouse Project-2019 According to the contract signed on 04.08.2019 on 13 000 m2 land in Muğla Fethiye Merkez Karaçulha region, the installation of 5600 m2 Soilless strawberry greenhouse has started. Construction of a modern, single top and side ventilated Çilek greenhouse Following the land leveling process, the height of the bottom of the gutter is 4 meters

5600 m2 Soilless Strawberry Greenhouse

External columns are 2.5 m. 80x80x2,5 mm with intervals.
Internal columns 5 m. 80x80x2 mm with intervals
External and inner columns are mounted on 70x70x2.5 mm Anchors with a tunnel width of 9.60 meters.
Greenhouse roof and side coverings are durable for 36 months, 200 mic. Plastic cover with IR-UV-EVA-Anti Mist-Anti Dust-Anti Fog-LD additive was used.
The ventilation openings are closed with 40 mesh fly nets and the entry of pests is prevented. Netafim 2+1+2 canal irrigation fertilization machine was used together with a 110 m3 steel water tank, and 4+1 fertilizer – Acid tank, 250 m2 of which was reserved as a warehouse outbuilding area.
The climate control system has been put into use together with the meteorology station, and it has been ensured that the roof butterfly vents operate according to the scenario of opening and closing automatically by means of wind, rain, temperature, and humidity sensors.
Strawberry stands (1150 pieces) are galvanized cross tables and Çilek Gutter (Strawberry gutters 9500 meters) is drawn in one piece from 200 mm wide 0.55 mm painted galvanized sheet, and connected to the drainage system at the end of the line.