Muğla Seydikemer Turkish Ban 20.000 m2 Muz Serası 2020In accordance with the contract signed on 10.11.2019 on a 23 000 m2 land in Muğla Seydikemer region, the installation of a 20000 m2 Modern Banana greenhouse has been started as a continuation of the projects of which 150 000 m2 were made during the previous corporate company management

20.000 m2 Banana Greenhouse

Modern, single top and side vents
After the banana greenhouse construction land leveling process, the height of the bottom of the gutter is 6 meters.
External columns 80x80x2,5 mm with 2.5 m intervals
Inner columns. 80x80x2 mm with 5 m intervals
The external columns and inner columns are mounted on 70x70x2,5 mm Anchors with a tunnel width of 10 meters.
Greenhouse roof coverings are durable for 36 months, 200 mics. Plastic cover with IR-UV-EVA-Anti Mist-Anti Dust-Anti Fog-LD additive was used.
Greenhouse Side and Butt Coverings are covered with 8 mm Single Room Double Wall Polycarbonate.
By constructing a 4-meter-wide concrete road in the middle tunnels, it is aimed to facilitate cultural processing and harvesting in the greenhouse.
Irrigation system: 2+1 Netafim Junior Fertikit Irrigation fertilization machine and automation were preferred and 2+1 Fertilizer acid tanks and mixer Blower system were installed.
Three 70 lt/h Piled Gayronet Springs were used in each tunnel with an interval of 3.33 m in each 10-meter tunnel, and manual irrigation was also provided by leaving a Free irrigation valve in each two tunnels along the walking path.